Panama City Florida Restaurant Insurance

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Proper restaurant insurance for your Florida culinary masterpiece is as important to the future of your business as delicious food and good customer reviews. Running the day-to-day operations of a restaurant gives you plenty to worry about. You don’t need to add restaurant insurance coverage concerns to the list. After putting in so much work, Daffin Insurance knows you don’t want your business to fail or lose profit due to an accident or property damage. That's where Florida restaurant insurance comes in. Restaurant insurance provides comprehensive financial protection against certain losses.

Who Needs Restaurant Insurance?

All food and restaurant related businesses in Florida need some type of restaurant insurance to help them get back to working order should a covered loss happen. Examples of the different types of business that require restaurant insurance include:

Florida resturant
Bars and Taverns
Food Trucks
Delicatessens and Sandwich shops
Ice Cream Parlors
Coffee Shops
Catering Companies
Fast Food
Donut Shops
Pizza Resturants
Fine-Dining Resturants
Concession Stands

Why Do You Need Restaurant Insurance in Florida?

A restaurant is a risky place, with sharp cooking utensils, liquid spills, and hot surfaces in addition to the risks common to all Florida businesses, such as theft and employee injury. For many restaurants, a single accident can be enough to seriously jeopardize its ability to stay in business. A restaurant insurance coverage plan from Daffin Insurance can help combine all the insurance coverages you need in a customized policy plan to protect you against risks common to restaurants, helping your business succeed even when accidents occur.

What Does a Restaurant Insurance Policy Include?

What Does a Restaurant Insurance Policy Include?

Food Spoilage and Contamination
Liquor Liability
Utility and Equipment Breakdown
Commercial Umbrella
Commercial Auto
Employment Practices Liability
Loss of Business Income
General Liability
Workers' Compensation
Cyber Liability
Business Property Coverage
Crime and Robbery
Signage and Sidewalk
Guest Property

Daffin Insurance Offers Customizable Restaurant Insurance Coverage Options

Daffin Insurance specializes in restaurant, hospitality, and food service insurance. We know that businesses in the food industry, from local hot spot restaurants to fine dining establishments, face a unique set of challenges and we have optimized our restaurant insurance to give you the right coverage to protect you from financial loss arising from claims against your restaurant and accidents. Our insurance agents will take the time to learn about your business and then curate an insurance policy tailored to your individual needs, without putting a strain on your budget. From contamination to employee theft, we will make sure you are properly covered.

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or a Free Restaurant Insurance Quote in Panama City Florida, Contact Daffin Insurance

Whether you operate a food truck, own a donut shop, deliver pizzas locally or cater special events, you need the right insurance coverage to protect your Florida food service business. Call Daffin Insurance today to learn more about restaurant insurance coverage in Panama City Florida. If you’re ready to start a partnership with a restaurant insurance agency that is passionate about keeping your business properly covered, call Daffin Insurance at (850) 769-8183. Or for a free online restaurant insurance quote, fill out the quote form on our contact page.

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